Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Rare Than You May Think.

Opportunity Air

I booked a one-way ticket on Opportunity Air.
From where I’d be going, I wouldn’t want to return.
I rolled my luggage into the airport
Passed through a body scanner
Then bought myself a drink.
 I waited at the gate.
The monitor said my flight was delayed.
I watched other passengers board planes
But they weren’t flying Opportunity Air.
I was eager to get to my destination.
I stared at my crumpled boarding pass.
I’d pulled it from my pocket a dozen times
Making sure I had the right flight number.
It’d been hours, yet the monitor hadn’t changed.
When I asked if the flight had been cancelled,
I was informed that the plane would arrive any minute.
However, hours passed
And then days
And then weeks.
My tattered boarding pass became barely legible.
Yet, I was eager to get to my destination, so I waited
Planes landed and planes took off, but never my plane.
I thought of silly little rhymes to pass the time.
“I’ve booked a one-way ticket on Opportunity Air
But the plane never comes, and I’m going nowhere.”
I waited at the gate until I was at the brink of insanity.
Until suddenly I realized, I wasn’t on the cusp of insanity—
I had been insane all along.
At last I’d reached mental clarity.
I gathered my belongings
Took a taxi to the bus station
Then boarded a bus home on Mediocrity Trailways.   


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  2. My first comment! YAY! Thank you so much, and I hope you keep popping in. BTW, I read your stuff all of the time, and I just friended you on GR.