Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Missing Link Found! To My Series That is.

As promised, this is the cover and synopsis for my recent novel, Reign of the Shroud. This is the second to last book in the Shrouded Secrets Chronicles, and it's filled with intrigue, suspense, betrayal, and desperation. My goal has always been to write not just a book, but a true classic, and with Reign of the Shroud, I feel one step closer to that goal.

Humankind has never been more divided, and the Shroud has seized this opportunity to conquer their subjects in a never-ending reign. The perfectly immortal and clandestine Shroud is no longer content with simply controlling the minds of the masses from behind the shadows. Now these immortals seek to fulfill the purpose for which they have come— to bend and dominate all human establishments to their ultimate will.

Lord Malum, the Shroud’s amalgamist and keeper of dark truths, will reveal his hidden journal to his youthful, immortal Shadow Warriors. Deals will be granted and promises made with certain humans who pledge their allegiance to the Shroud. Meanwhile, Malum’s aberrant second-in-command, Dominic, who was once abandoned on a desert island for his ruthless, bloodthirsty appetite, will return to wage a personal vendetta against those who imprisoned him. Yet, his objective remains intact, to become the most elusive and powerful serial killer in the world by obsessively hunting mortals for sport.

As the immortal war rages onward, everything will become a device for the Shroud to hone their abilities in their quest to plunge earth into a new dark age. Once believed to be a phantom and mere manifestation of the mind, the first immortal will seduce the only teenage girl on earth who can stop him. However, in order to capture her heart, her boyfriend and entire family must vanish in order for him to accomplish his true endgame.

During the reign of the Shroud, internal treachery will become all-consuming as Malum, Dominic, and the first immortal attempt to grasp at the ultimate power to control the future of all humans and immortals alike. Rules are broken and lines crossed, while the secret to immortal abilities and eternal life will be exposed to a few unsuspecting human teens. Friendships will be severed for selfish gain, true loves will turn ill-fated, and those who would dare stand against the Shroud will be tempted with betrayal. The strong will become weak, and the weak will simply fade away. Yet, a few who are capable will decide to surrender everything and return to fight against the Shroud in the immortal war, knowing it is a battle that cannot possibly be won. The Shroud’s reign is in motion, but before it ends, many will question how such beauty and perfection could have corrupted the earth with its ugly influence since the beginning of time. And as the final days draw near, those who remain will discover what happens when all hope is detached from humanity.

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